TeckStash Compatibility

The TeckStash comes with two mounting systems that allow it to be installed on a wide range of beds, including:

  • Traditional beds with a mattress on box springs.
  • Beds with a mattress on a pedestal that is the same size as the mattress.
  • Beds with a mattress resting on slats in a frame.

To get a sense of how the TeckStash looks on compatible beds, visit the TeckStash Views page.  

How the Mounting Systems Work
To determine whether the TeckStash can be mounted on your bed, it helps to understand how the mounting systems work. The TeckStash is a pouch with a 4" long flap with two strips of loop material (as in hook and loop) on the back. These strips can attach firmly to an included fabric Anchor, and to included adhesive hook tape. 

The Anchor Mounting System

In this system, the TeckStash loop strips are attached to hook material on one end of the Anchor. The Anchor is made from a special cotton fabric with hundreds of small, friction-enhancing dots on its top and bottom surfaces. The Anchor is placed between a mattress and box springs, or other platform or pedestal the mattress rests on. The Anchor's high-friction surface holds the TeckStash in place. 

install installation teckstash anchor mattress box springs aecara

 If your bed has a mattress resting on slats, you may be able to use the Anchor by placing a thin piece of material such as plywood on top of the slats to create a solid surface for the Anchor to rest on, as illustrated below. (Plywood is not included.)

teckstash arcara install installation bed pouch storage tablet book

The Hook Tape System
In this system, one of the loop strips on the back of the TeckStash flap is attached to a piece of included adhesive hook tape that has been applied to the bed frame, for example, on the inside of a side rail, as illustrated below.

teckstash, install, installation, aecara, bed, pouch, storage, book, tablet, ipad

Please note that the foregoing is only an overview of the mounting systems. For complete mounting instructions, please visit the TeckStash Installation page.

Beds the NapStash is NOT Compatible With
Due to its physical size and attachment systems, the TeckStash is not compatible with certain nontraditional bed frames, described and illustrated below.

  • If your mattress is too close to the floor, you may not be able to install the TeckStash. Both mounting systems require at least 10” of vertical space below the point where the TeckStash flap attaches to the bed frame, so the pouch can hang freely.
    teckstash install installation bed compatible compatibility work
  • The TeckStash mounting flap is four inches long and it is designed to work with bed frame side rails up to 1.5” thick when using the hook tape mounting method, and up to 2.5" thick when using the Anchor mounting method. If your bed frame side rails are too thick, or if your mattress rests on a pedestal that is wider than the mattress, you may not be able to install the TeckStash in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  
    teckstash install installation bed compatible compatibility workteckstash install installation bed compatible compatibility work
  • Finally, the hook tape used in the hook-and-loop mounting system is designed to adhere to flat, hard surfaces, not to fabrics, vinyl, leather, and similar materials. If your bed frame is upholstered, you should consider purchasing a TeckStash only if you can use the Anchor mounting method.
    teckstash install installation bed compatible compatibility work

PLEASE NOTE: As stated in FAQ #11, we are only able to accept returns of products in new, unused condition. If you attempt installation and find that your bed is not compatible, we may not be able to issue a refund.    

Still have questions? Let us know so we can help.


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